The Modern Merlin - Uncover Your Magical Powers

$ 16.99


An insightful and practical guide through this fast changing world. This book introduces and develops concepts like MagicManifestationEnergy, Multidimensionality, Sacred Geometry, and the Law of Attraction to uncover your inherent magical powers and to help you understand the patterns that create the outcomes and constructs of your life.

Lon wrote this book to support a new paradigm and belief system as it emerges to activate the shift in consciousness that is needed to thrive in these new times.  We have arrived at a time in evolution where nothing seems to work the way it did before. Almost all the things that we counted on to give us a sense of stability and security no longer provide that.  Whether we look at our educational system, health care, political arena, banking and financial systems, and even our spiritual institutions … none of them can live up to the role of being the fundamental pillars that our society has leaned on for so long. Even science has evolved to a point where it is increasingly introducing an expanded paradigm of how our reality is formed.  We are invited to expand our horizons beyond what we know and boldly go where we have not gone before as a collective humanity.