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What are Crystals for?

What are Crystals for?
Essential oils and crystals are the gifts the earth gives us to positively shift energy and elevate mood. The oils support aromatherapy practices that use natural plant extracts to promote health, wellbeing, & relaxation. The crystals carry their own healing abilities and promote the flow of good energy.

Earth’s Elements has combined these two high energy items in a carefully curated collection of products and the result is pure magic! We hope you’ll find them a valuable resource on your journey to love, healing and empowerment!

Crystal Candles: Crystals are powerful all on their own, but when you combine them with a candle, the warmth and flame boost that power to a new level.Each of our beautiful and aromatic crystal candles has been crafted with a different combination of organic scents and specially selected crystals to fill your home with powerful and positive energy.

Roll Ons: Earth’s Elements infuses pure, organic essential oils with the power of crystalin our collection of roll ons. Each crystal/essential oil combination is specifically chosen to enhance and strengthen the individual intentions of each bottle. Keep them at home, in your purse or desk and you’llalways have extra positive energy and mood elevation at hand.

Crystal Bottle: We believe in the power of water, but we also believe that its benefits can be enhanced when it is paired with crystals. When water is infused with crystals, it is then charged with the vibrations and specific healing properties of the stone. For centuries, healers have been using crystal-infused water as a natural elixir to promote spiritual and physical health.

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