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A Journey Through the Himalayas with Hem

A Journey Through the Himalayas with Hem

After a month and a half long trek throughout the Himalayan Mountains, I sat down with Hem Rai (founder of Earths Elements) for a short chat, as I was eager to find out how his journey fared. Two days after arriving back in the states, fresh back Hem is still adjusting from the jet lag, we catch up.

So how was the trek? Good, Good. Always a new experience.

How long have you've been trekking throughout the Himalayas? 12 years and I still see something new every time. Hiking every day brings something unique. From the landscape to the weather, and of course the people you come across. I ask myself in the middle of the day when I'm in high elevation "What & why am I doing this? But then I arrive at our camp for the night I know why the beauty and the connection felt there in the moment is overwhelming.

What do you think most about when hiking? Any thoughts are only on the steps taken, one miss step and you could be falling off a cliff. I become completely connect to the earth with every step taken. Hike, eat, sleep to do it all over again the next day. Each day nature unfolds its beauty, each moment is important.

What was the main purpose of this visit? It was to catch up with old friends and meet new friends along the way. Many of whom are the craftsmen and women making the incredible gifts we offer at Earths Elements. Their skills have been passed down from many generations before them. I feel it's my purpose to share their wonderful crafts to others who have yet to experience them. I also love creating new ideas with the makers to bring back fresh offerings to the rest of the world.

Word of advice for those who wish to trek the Himalayas? Do it! If you want to find out who you are in life hike the Himalayan Mountains, push the limits of your existence. Life is in constant change, finding what touches the heart is the journey.


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