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Talking Orgonite with Branch

Talking Orgonite with Branch

It was a nice warm day in Northern California where artist Branch and I met up at his wife Roxanne's shop, Humble Fabric & Crafts, located in Nevada City, CA. She graciously opened her doors and I was lucky enough to get the private tour of her wonderfully unique shop catering to sewers, weavers, & crafters alike. A tasty Pu-erh tea was brewed for us to sip on while Branch and I talked about Orgonix23.

Jodie: Branch, how long have you been creating Orgonite? 

Branch: There was no Youtube on 'how to make orgonite' when I started to create pieces. I've been doing it for 13 years. I feel like (motioning to his wife Roxanne) we are the Grandma & Grandpa of creating orgonite.

Jodie: What got you interested in Orgonite?

Branch: I was fascinated with the idea of taking crystals and using them to uplift negative energies, and creating crystal grids to combat the electrical grid by harmonizing the surrounding energy.

Jodie: What is your purpose & intention behind creating orgonite?

Branch: Artist expression explores the world of form. I'm drawing upon Sacred Geometry and applying it to practical Art for harmonizing personal healing and growth. By blending opposites to create something that has energetic resource with the greater whole.

Jodie: With each individual piece created It takes some amount of time, but for example how long does it take to create a pendant?

Branch: It's a special three-day Alchemical process.

Jodie: Cool, it's your process. So what inspires you?

Branch: Every artist has their thing. It all began when I was 10 years old when I started painting miniatures. I would learn every technique I could. Creating orgonite is different from painting there's not so much room for "in the moment". With orgonite you refine your technique, plan it out because there's not much room for error. My biggest inspiration comes from Sacred Geometry & archetypal forms. Law of time is a big inspiration, like the mystery of the classic Mayan times, sacred symbols of ancient religions, it all transcends thought and belief.

I'm very visually oriented, watching the sun go down everyday pleases the visual side of me. So orgonite is aesthetically engaging. Roxanne helps me to see the balance in each creation. For me, after having done it for so long it's really important orgonite as one energetic form is always evolving. Orgonite will never reach the summit, we will always be looking to the next peak.



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