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Amethyst - Protection, purification, divine connection & release of addictions

Amethyst - Protection, purification, divine connection & release of addictions

Amethyst is one of our most popular stones and has been prized for its beauty and its legendary energies for thousands of years. It is the stone of spiritual protection and purification! Amethyst can be an aid to curbing overindulgence and giving up bad habits. It is widely used to enhance your meditation practice stimulating the crown chakra. This beautiful stone will help clear your energy field of negative influences and attachments and facilitate the creation of an energetic shield - a field of spiritual light around the body that wards off the negativity in your environment.

If you are familiar with Saint Germain, you might remember the legendary "violet flame" of purification. Saint Germain urges you to call upon the violet flame to purge of Karmic baggage or illness and to protect you from psychic attack – This is just an analogy of how you can use the violet flame of amethyst to protect your energy field.

Placing Amethyst geodes or crystals in your home, car, or office space can bring a feeling that one is surrounded and protected by a bubble of light. If you are ill, you can place this stone in your room to help you keep your healing space clear.

Affirmation: "I am connected to the Divine Source of the Universe. I am light"

Please advise: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment. For any serious medical conditions remember to consult a licensed practitioner in the appropriate field.

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