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Quarantine Morning Routine

Quarantine Morning Routine

I think it is safe to say that we have ALL endured an emotionally charged past few months. Above all, it is so especially important that you are taking good care of your health: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 

This article is to give you great ideas for an amazing morning routine that can positively help you deal with the pandemic and everything else going on in your world today. Now, more than ever we need to start doing things differently.

We cannot expect for change to happen, if we continue doing the same things and treating eachother the same way. If we are able to become better humans, we will improve the relationships around us & the world will change

Why is it important to have a morning routine? There has been books written about this topic, many health experts discuss the importance of a morning routine, and very successful entrepreneurs always talk about their “ideal morning routines”! I invite you to do more research about this topic. One of my favorites is this book "My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. by Benjamin Stall and Michael Xander. 

A morning routine is important, because the first few activities after you wake up usually, determine the outcome or tone of the whole day! Having a morning routine can mean the difference of a very productive day or a sluggish one. For example, if I do not take the time for my mourning routine, I usually end up disappointed and without accomplishing much. I engage in tasks that are not a priority leaving me stress out and exhausted. However, when my morning routine is on point, usually life is easier to handle even during a PANDEMIC!

Do not allow the world events to lower your vibe and make you feel bad. The moment you do that, your energy field goes down. This does not help to solve the world problems either.  Worry, fear, guilt,anger or any other negative emotion will lower your vibrational field, creating the perfect environment for disease.

Do you want to change your days? do this every day for a week and email me your results. 

After waking up:

  1. Drink 2 cups of water – this helps to complete your body cleansing from the night prior. It washes away toxins and helps to restart your digestive system.
  2. Make a commitment to not check your phone. This is a BIG NO NO when developing a new morning routine. The state of the world is so bad right now that you checking your phone, can be an immediate reason to feel low and helpless. After you wake up, your mind is open to receive new information. Do not overload yourself with negative information/drama.
  3. Hit the backyard or a place with direct sun light. Walk on the grass barefooted. This will help to ground your energy.
  4. Breathing exercise. If you are a yoga or breathwork practitioner, you know what to do here. It is important to open your lungs and move your body. 15 minutes of conscious breathing/movement is a good start.
  5. Smudging & clearing: you will need Palo Santo for this step. This is my favorite cleanser of negative energies. We have palo santo available in our website. Another idea is to create an altar for your home that brings you peace and comfort. This is very important because smudging and clearing can start from your altar to your home strengthening the intention of our sacred connection to spirit.
  6. Intention setting – Task definition: What is your intention for the day? Look yourself in the mirror and speak loud and clear your intention for the day: “My intention for the day is … to love, learn, complete x, forgive x, etc”
  7. Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. Be specific and realistic.

There is nothing better than doing simply because you want more. Hold on to love at this time. Do not react to the system. The frequency that we hold must stay up.

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