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About our Selenite Towers

About our Selenite Towers

My connection with selenite is so strong. I am pretty much always drawn to it. When customers come in asking what crystal they should buy, selenite is a great crystal to have for beginners. 

We have selenite towers available in 2 sizes. The small one which is $10 is a perfect addition to your altar or sacred space. We also highly recommend the selenite lamp at $29.99. This is a beautiful ambiance lamp design to maintain positive energy in your home. 

Place the selenite tower or lamp by your bedside table to achieve a night of more restful sleep. You can also place selenite towers in each corner of your room to create a magnetic field of peace and safety. 

No crystal cleanses people, spaces, or other crystals better than selenite. This crystal is very useful when you have a lot in your mind and it is affecting your peace and quiet. Selenite shields a person from outside influences. 

The selenite towers are the best decoration that you can have at home.  Selenite has been used for its properties in cleansing and removing negative energies that no longer serve you. 

Selenite also is known for its ability to recharge crystals and also, to remove lower vibrational energies from your home.  

It is excellent for meditation and energy work. 

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