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Being A Conscious Business Means Purpose Beyond Profit

Being A Conscious Business Means Purpose Beyond Profit

Building a conscious business has been one of the most important assignments that I have given to myself because I realized at a very early age that the world of business lacks consciousness.

If you pay close attention to the businesses that are the most successful right now here in the United States, you’ll notice that they all have something in common: the leadership and executives of these companies are making a ton of money while their employees are paid low wages. This results in the need for many of their employees to rely on governmental assistance just to get by. Name almost any large company and you’ll find that this is the case.

If you look around, turn on the news or even just talk to your friends, family, and neighbors, it looks like the economy is getting worse and worse for everyone except the exceptionally wealthy. The income inequality is obvious: the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. That’s because this model of running businesses to make the few rich is unsustainable. Instead, it’s time to establish new infrastructures or systems that are going to be able to support the evolution of humanity. We need to create a model that supports all.

In the past 6 years that I have been managing Earth's elements, I have been dedicated to creating a conscious business. A conscious business is one that has a purpose beyond profit. It is a company that always has the employees’ interest in mind and an equal opportunity employer. We offer competitive pay, provide free healthcare, and give our employees vacation time. These are benefits that are completely unheard of in the retail industry.

Our goal is to have the healthiest and happiest employees. That means encouraging breaks and rest and creating a company culture committed to happiness and freedom. We promote self-love and we celebrate successes together. We are shifting the paradigms of jealousy, gossip, and competition for teamwork, acceptance, and compassion for all. Our culture is one where we help our employees to take the ache from their hearts and help them find their true north.

In addition to championing our team members, we are also dedicated to supporting the small vendors by allowing them to display their products in our stores. We created this program with the intention to promote local economies, help smaller businesses, and give opportunities to the mom-and-pop businesses that need to put food on their table.

When you buy from us, you are not contributing to a CEO’s private plane or 3rd vacation home. Instead, you are helping a family meet their financial obligations.

Thank you for being a part of the Earth’s Elements family!

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