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How To Tell If A Crystal Is Real?

How To Tell If A Crystal Is Real?

In this fast changing world, many of us are starting to look for new tools in new places to help us navigate all the shifts that are happening in almost all areas of our lives. Whether we look at our social structures, our healthcare, educational or banking system, nothing seems to be outside of the huge transformational wave that is sweeping over our planet and is deeply affecting our lives. The world of matter, science, reason and logic is rapidly merging with the realm of spirit and soul. An increasing number of people are finding their way to esoteric and metaphysical teachings and tools to support them on their journey into the exciting new multidimensional world that is opening up to us.

Crystals are one of the more unconventional tools that are available to us. Crystals have been used for their healing properties for centuries. They are believed to have the ability to balance energy, improve mental and physical health, and promote spiritual growth. People are increasingly being drawn to crystals because of their power to help harmonize ourselves and our homes through their beauty and their energetic properties. However, with the growing popularity of crystals, there has also been an increase in the production of fake or synthetic crystals. Today, we will explore the use and authenticity of crystals, how to recognize fake ones, why it is important to use real crystals and why we should care where they come from.

Crystals have been used throughout history in various forms of healing practices, including meditation, chakra healing, and energy healing, as well as for the ability to enliven any space with their beauty and presence. Each crystal has its own unique properties and can be used for different purposes. For example, Amethyst is often used for calming the mind and promoting relaxation, while Rose Quartz is used for promoting love and emotional healing. When it comes to authenticity, it is important to note that not all crystals are created equal. Natural crystals are formed over millions of years through natural geological processes, while synthetic crystals are artificially created in a laboratory setting. While synthetic crystals may look similar to natural crystals, they lack the energy and healing properties of natural crystals. A great example of this are diamonds. Diamonds are one of the most popular and valuable crystals, but they are also one of the most commonly counterfeited.

So how can you tell if a crystal is real?

  • The first thing to look for is the weight of the crystal. Natural crystals are denser than synthetic crystals, so a natural crystal will feel heavier than a synthetic crystal of the same size.

  • Another way to tell if a crystal is real is to examine its surface. Natural crystals will have natural imperfections and rough edges, while synthetic crystals will have a more perfect surface. Often synthetic crystals will look flawless as well, with colors and patterns that are far more consistent than natural ones. Fake crystals often have unnaturally bright colors.

  • In addition to examining the weight and surface of a crystal, you can also use the scratch test. Natural crystals are harder than synthetic crystals, so if you scratch a piece of glass with a crystal and it leaves a mark, the crystal is most likely real.

  • You can test the crystal’s conductivity by placing a small amount of saltwater on the crystal and then using a multimeter to measure the conductivity. Natural crystals will conduct electricity, while synthetic crystals will not.

Earth’s Elements Crystals

While it is vital to use real crystals because of their healing and energetic properties, it is also important to be aware of the ethical issues surrounding crystals, and in particular the mining of them. Many crystals are mined in developing countries, where workers are often exploited and forced to work in dangerous conditions. It is important to purchase crystals from ethical sources and to support companies that practice fair trade.

Our mission at Earth’s Elements is to offer you the highest quality genuine crystals and support sustainability, fair trade, no child labor, and fair wages while obtaining them. All are crucial to ensuring a more loving, equitable and just world. Sustainable practices help protect our planet and ensure that future generations have access to the resources they need. Fair trade and no child labor practices help to ensure that workers are treated with dignity and respect, and are not exploited for profit. Fair wages help to ensure that workers are able to meet their basic needs and support their families. By supporting these principles, we can create a world that is based on authenticity, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, both economically and socially, body, heart, soul and spirit

With Love & Light, ~ Luisa

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