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Full Moon Cacao Ceremonies: a time for heightened connection with our most Divine essence.

Full Moon Cacao Ceremonies: a time for heightened connection with our most Divine essence.
  1. Using the energy of the celestial bodies to hold space for us as we dive into healing practices is extremely helpful. This is one of the many reasons why there are so many different rituals around the moon and the planets. 

We at Earth’s Elements believe the Earth provides everything we need to support us throughout different processes in life. We are so grateful for all the tools that we have and that we are able to use for our development. 

We love to share a beautiful ceremony we host every month in our stores of Encinitas and Hermosa Beach. For these ceremonies, we use the moon, Sacred Cacao, gemstone elixirs, crystals and a guided journey of energy moving through our bodies along esoteric pathways to balance and harmonize the energy of the Heart.

In this article, we want to share our list of ingredients for our favorite cacao ceremony. This list was created by one of our favorite Encinitas healers: Amy Lathrop, 

You should try your favorite recipe of cacao before you start your meditation practice. It will elevate you in ways you did not think it was possible.

This is the ceremonial Cacao ingredients that we most commonly use and its healing properties. We encourage you to try out new recipes or play with your favorite ingredients. 

This is our favorite list. For the elixirs, we sell them in our store of Encinitas.

CACAO - Heart opening. Opens the Heart and allows you to connect with yourself and others in a deeper more loving way.

ROSEWATER - Opens the Heart. Beneficial both physically and mentally.

LING ZHI (reishi mushroom) - Nourishes Heart and calms the Shen (spirit).

COFFEE - dredges liver to regulate flow of liver qi (assists in letting go of long held emotions or repressed/depressed emotions).

COCONUT OIL - Treats and prevents many illnesses and diseases. Reduces inflammation and arthritis. Boosts immune system. 

PINK HIMALAYAN SEASALT - One of the purist salts you can find. Full of trace minerals. Improves respiratory problems. Balances body’s pH levels. Natural digestive aid. Air Purifier. Encourages more restful sleep.

LOVINGLY ELIXIR - Overflowing LOVE… love of self, love of others, love of Earth, love of Spirit. Compassion. Grace. Empathy. Forgiveness.

DIG DEEPER ELIXIR - Digging into what holds you back in an easy and fun way. Discovering deep roots of beliefs or road blocks in a manner of playfulness and laughter. 

FULL MOON, NAKED HEART ELIXIR - illuminates shadow aspects of self, shedding light onto hidden areas in your Heart/spirit and lets you find comfort in your nakedness of Heart. 

NEW MOON, NAKED HEART ELIXIR - Manifesting from the innocence of a pure heart. Asking for what you desire with child-like abandon. Free from self-judgement or censorship.
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