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How Do Crystals Relate To Spirituality?

How Do Crystals Relate To Spirituality?

Crystals, glass,  stones, minerals, woods, bones, and a great variety of other materials have played a big part in human mysticism and spirituality for as long as we've walked this earth. Whether forged into sacred tools of the nobles or as held as talismans of praise, crystals and minerals have long captivated the imaginations of the masses. Going back to the days of Shamanic practice, stones of different shape and color were believed to hold different effects on the mind, body and spirit of the individual. Some were believed to cure illnesses, ward off evil spells, attract good luck, and even boost fertility. How one gained these magical effects varied from culture to culture. Some believed the only way to receive these benefits were by ingesting the material while others were worn or placed ornamentally to align with a specific faith or practice.

Modern Mystical and Spiritual Practices

In modern times a resurgence of interest in mystical and spiritual practices has exploded. We see age old traditions being resurrected and practiced in earnest while others form their new practices and beliefs. Within this the interest in crystals and their amazing properties can be seen far and wide. A more traditional belief consists of feng shui, or the placing of crystals within a certain pattern throughout a home or building to redirect energy in a positive flow. Other beliefs follow the intentional practice of wicca and pagan, which use the moon cycles in cohesion with different seasons of sunlight to charge crystals. The mindful practice of meditation has used different crystals for specific lenses of focus and contemplation for centuries.  Certain Native Americans tribes create ornaments and jewelry to ward off evil spirits. In Hinduism, it is believed that every stone carries a specific power and energy within it. Even within some modern Christian faiths crystals are used in a form of worship.

The Modern Mystic's Journey

With such a variety of practices and beliefs surrounding crystals in modern times, how do we know that the practice we are choosing is the right one? This is where we see the rise of the modern mystic! The path of the mystic is one study of many spiritual and religious practices, which takes bits and pieces from each methodology to form a unique amalgamation of their own creation. In modern times with our excess of access to information, we are urged now more than ever to think for ourselves and form our own opinion on things. Personally, I don't think there is any one correct path to practicing  spirituality. The more I learn and discover about the history of the world around me, the more I grow in confidence in my own practice. 

Vibrational Frequencies and Spiritual Connection

The thread I have found connecting crystals and spirituality lies in the unique vibrational frequencies that reside within each stone. Imagine the human body as an instrument and the crystal a specific note within our spiritual and emotional spectrum. Every stone, mineral, glass and crystal is formed under a specific heat and pressure frequency creating some of the most vibrant and beautiful colors, textures and shapes we see around the world. Now expand on the idea that everything is connected through these vibrations and their different frequencies, that as energy passes through the body it changes frequency. We can use these different stones in both mental and physical practice to allow both conscious energy and physical form to change shape. The more we practice with different stones the more rich and expansive our reality grows in relation with that. The main function of this idea is to allow for continual expansion and growth of mind, body and spirit. “To change the world around us we must first change ourselves,” (Mahatma Gandhi). This is just the starting point and it is up to you how you decide to grow your own practice. 

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