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Root Chakra, Primal Purpose To Your Foundation

Root Chakra, Primal Purpose To Your Foundation

What Is The Root Chakra?

Firstly I would like to define that chakras are spiraling energy pools that exist in the body following the base of the spine all the way to the crown of the head. Each chakra serves a purpose in our emotional body and our day to day life which can be blocked by a particular kind of emotional muck. Today we will be talking about our Root chakra or Muladhara. The word Muladhara is Sanskrit, composed of two words: "mula" meaning “root” and "adhara" which means “base” or “support”. Following this the location of this chakra is at the base of the spine and deals greatly with the physical support of the body and our direct connection to the earth below us. Muladhara is watched over and guided by the Hindu god Ganesha, the elephant deity whose primary purpose is removing obstacles in your life and attracting material wealth.

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How To Cleanse Your Root Chakra?

The Primary function of the first chakra is safety, security and stability and is blocked by irrational fear and anxiety. Let's dive into this, each chakra is designated an element from the world around us, our root chakra being earth. The element of earth often deals with our physical environment and how we feel positioned in it. For example a common exercise we talk about with the Root is grounding but what does that look like. For me I feel much more comfortable in a clean environment and disorganization can make me feel anxious. By recognizing this in ourselves it allows us to take steps to clean away the stagnant energy within us. Muladhara is the energy of survival and it rests deep inside all of us. Survival can look like something different to all of us however a feeling we all can recognize is danger, whether it's being physically approached by a dangerous animal or feeling the burdens of financial stress we naturally react to danger and put ourselves back into a position of security. What blocks us in this area is not danger but the fear that it could happen again. It's completely normal to sense danger and react to it, however we have to recognize when the danger is over so we don't sit in anxiety waiting for it to happen again.

6 Ways To Support Your Root Chakra

Now we sit with the realization that I'm not in danger but what do I do about it? This is where the exercise we talked about earlier “Grounding” comes into play. Let's go over some specific exercises and practices that can help you!

  1. Earthing is a practice of having your bare feet touch the earth for an extended period of time with the intention to align with the earth's natural charge. My personal favorite is to walk barefoot down the beach and remind myself that I am one with nature around me and that all my thoughts and feelings are as natural as the waves crashing beside me.
  2. Wearing red or black stones or jewelry. Here at Earths Elements we have a lovely assortment of crystal jewelry to choose from. Often when I'm having a hard day at work my favorite stones to wear are Obsidian and Shungite, both of which help with releasing negative energy and protection from it. Each stone contains a unique property of its own but we can figure out what chakra it aligns with by its color.
  3. Eating Root vegetables and herbs such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic, and beetroot can help realign the root chakra with the energy of the earth. Even eating bright red foods like tomatoes, strawberries and radishes can help the body feel more grounded and secure. Our diet can influence us mentally, physically and even spiritually.
  4. Listening to singing bowls, tuning forks, or binaural beats with the specific intention of grounding or musically that what you're listening to is in the key of C. All things are connected through vibration, even the energies within us resonate at different frequencies. I specifically recommend trying our Root Chakra singing bowls!
  5. Physical exercise such as yoga and working out can be a stellar way to release and stagnant energy within the body letting things flow more naturally and clearly. Since the root chakra is connected to the legs and form of exercise or stretching related to this area will be greatly beneficial. When I'm feeling anxious I love going to the gym and doing some weighted leg training, incline walking on the treadmill and then ending with some deep stretching in garland and child pose.
  6. You can also try meditations with specific visualizations, mudras (hand formations), and breathing techniques that stimulate Muladhara. If you want to try this now start by finding a comfortable sitting position on the floor. I want you to rest your arms on your knees and slowly connect your index and your thumb separately on each hand. I want you to take a slow big breath in through the nose till you feel the air build all the way up to your shoulders, then let the air gently fall out of your mouth. Repeat this three times letting each breath slowly fall away from your attention until it feels natural. With each breath in I want you to visualize drawing energy up from the earth into your body and with each breath out roots extend and grow out from you connecting deeper and deeper into the ground around you. Throughout this exercise I want you to say the phrase “ I am bigger than fear”. 

How to Balance Your Chakras

Our Chakras are a reflection of the world around us and help represent our innate connection with nature. Much like in nature the key to a healthy chakra is found in balance and moderation. Our energetic system in the body is all about flowing and stagnant energy and the dynamic between the two. Within our Root Chakra we can find many ways of it not operating in its full capacity. One such way is an excessive Root Chakra, or an over dependance on this energy center. Symptoms of such an imbalance can often look like an insatiable hunger for material goods and finances resulting in hoarding of food, money, and other goods beyond what is required or reasonable. When we put such a large emphasis on survival and foundation the other areas of our life tend to suffer. It's important to understand that the Root Chakra is the driving force and core of our spiritual energy, however the nature of this energy is primal and requires guidance and assurance much like a relationship with a beloved pet. We must use all of our energies to achieve balance. 

When beginning your spiritual journey another imbalance you run across is a blocked/ stagnant chakra. When our Muladhara is blocked it is common to experience a feeling of overwhelming anxiety and a myriad of health issues usually relating to a weak immune system. A blocked Root Chakra can feel like reliving all of your worst tramas and experiences gripped by a fear of the future. When working with difficult emotions it's important to remind yourself of your physical environment where you are, to focus on the floor beneath you  and to watch each breath you take. When you are ready, speak these words into existence “You are no longer the victim of circumstance, you survived the danger and it has made you stronger and smarter than you ever thought possible, it's time to let go of fear and the trauma surrounding it”. There is no one solution to growing and healing the chakras and the journey is different for everyone. Just keep in mind you are a divine expression of the universe created to experience itself! 

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Sincerely Robert S

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