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How Do Crystals Work?

How Do Crystals Work?
For centuries, crystals have been valued not only for their beauty, but for their unique power. Forged by the earth, each crystal has its own energy pattern that gives it special properties. Earth’s Elements can help you connect with that energy and use it as a resource on your journey to love, healing and empowerment.

You need to take special care in choosing both your crystals and your intentions. Depending on their make-up, each crystal harnesses a different kind of power, which means they should each be used for specific intentions. And remember, there's weight in the power of intention. Your experience will be boosted by your mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance.

Here are 3 of our most popular crystals and some products that we think you’ll love. As with everything we sell, these crystals are of the highest quality and have been sustainably sourced with respect to Mother Earth.

Rose Quartz:The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz opens you to receive love of all kinds romantic, friendship and family because the greatest gift in life to is to love and be loved. You can simply place it in your space, wear it close to your heart, or incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

Tiger’s Eye:
It is believed that Roman soldiers wore engraved tiger's eye to protect them in battle. This powerful crystal is still used today to help calm the mind, mentally focus and find the abundant strength within yourself. You can wear this beautiful crystal as jewelry, carry it in your purse or pocket, or combine it with the power of essential oils for a boost of confidence and clarity on the go.

Selenite: Heralded as one of the most powerful crystals since ancient times, selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal that purifies energy. It cleanses away energetic debris and clears the slate for more positive energy to flow in. With selenite, you can purify the energy of your space, cleanse, enhance, and charge other crystals or wear it to bring its powerful energy with you wherever you go.

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