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Selenite Lamps Vs. Salt Lamps

Selenite Lamps Vs. Salt Lamps

Selenite Lamps vs. Salt Lamps

In recent years, Himalayan salt lamps have been popular in natural healing and home décor. But, suddenly, it seems that selenite lamps have become very popular, as well. You might be wondering, “what’s the difference and which one is best for me to enhance my rituals of empowerment and healing?” The truth is that while both have benefits, selenite lamps are imbued with a more powerful energy than the traditional salt lamp.

The difference lies in the crystal itself.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt lamps are carved from pink Himalayan salt. The salt attracts water molecules from the air which contain contaminants like dust and bacteria, thus acting as a natural air purifier. They are also said to emit negative ions which may help counteract all of the electromagnetic pollution generated by all of our various gadgets.

The Power of Selenite

And while all of this may help with allergens and support better sleep, selenite lamps boast a more holistic set of benefits.

Selenite is a naturally semi-translucent form of gypsum and has been heralded as one of the most powerful crystals since ancient times.

While Himalayan salt may purify the air, selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal that purifies energy. It cleanses away energetic debris and clears the slate for more positive energy to flow in. It is said to correspond to the crown chakra and has thus been used to enhance mental clarity as well as naturally relieve headaches.

 Even the color of the selenite lamp is important. Selenite is associated with pure, white light which quite literally drives out darkness. Selenite is used to calm the mind and drive out any negative thoughts that build up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So, while both are beautiful and have their own benefits, when it comes to choosing either a salt lamp or a selenite lamp, we recommend the beautiful, white light of selenite.

You can purchase your own selenite lamp here (link) and bring its high vibrational properties to your home today!

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