Creating Your Sacred Space at Home

Posted by Luisa Jackson on

We live in a very busy world where all our daily activities, distractions and worries bring our energy as well as our consciousness outwards, that is one of the main reason why we tend to feel so energy drained, stressed and depleted.

Today, more than ever, it is imperative to create a sacred place at home where we can renew our connection with our inner self and Spirit. To reflect, be quiet and get back to our center. This sacred space can be used to receive inner guidance and knowledge as well as to write, meditate, chant, paint or simply relax and connect with yourself at another level.

At Earth Elements, we are proud to promote a more conscious lifestyle and we carry all the necessary items to create it.

Here are some ideas:

  • Convert a guest room, garage or simply a corner of your living room or bedroom and dedicate that simply for self-nourishment.
  • The word “sacred” immediately sets the tone to go inwards. To set the mood for contemplation, meditation or prayer, place some comfortable rug, pillows or lounge chair to support your back.
  • Set up an altar with spiritual objects or pictures of your choice.
  • Choose items that feel good to your heart and soul, to help you go within.
  • You can place a symbol of your spiritual practice or religion as well, for inspiration.

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