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Sacral Chakra, Flow & Emotional Alchemy

Sacral Chakra, Flow & Emotional Alchemy

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral chakra otherwise known as Svadhisthana is the second energy in the order of the main seven and governs over our emotions, creativity, and sensuality. The sanskrit term Svadhisthana most closely translates to “dwelling place of the self”. The element that is used to describe the Sacral chakra is water, not only in the metaphorical sense of creativity and passion flowing like the tides of the sea but also very literally the circulation and flow of liquid in the body. The color associated with this chakra is a bright orange similar to the vibrancy we see when the sun sets over the water at dusk. The Location of the Sacral is approximately two inches below the belly button and is associated with the liver and reproductive organs health, also known to us as the pleasure center of the body. Traditionally the Sacral chakra is represented by a six-petalled lotus flower and is governed by Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fidelity, fertility, and power.

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How do I cleanse my Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral Chakra’s main function is regulation over our feelings, passions, and intimacy and is blocked by guilt and a lack of discipline. Svadhisthana is closely related to the moon and the ocean but what does this mean for us? In Hindi and other spiritual cultures the Moon is represented by the feminine and the subconscious mind, the moon also relating to the ocean and its tides usually symbolic of human emotion and intimacy having a push and pull nature to it. The main lesson and practice for the Sacral is temperance, the quality of moderation or self-restraint. In the sacral chakra we experience the “I feel” state of consciousness and awareness, this is a wonderful thing of realizing innate pleasure and discomfort within ourselves. However we all know the classic lesson our parents taught us ”just because something feels good for us doesn't mean it always is”. The easiest example I have in modern times is alcohol and the abundance of other psychoactive substances procured through modern science. Yes these can be amazing tools of celebration and reward however when not balanced with moderate consumption and disciplined routine one can easily fall into addictive behaviors and tendencies. The feeling of guilt and pleasure is a tricky balance and best described in a sense our counterbalance. It's important to have a responsible sense of guilt for when our actions get out of hand or fall into unhealthy patterns, in the same vein it's just as equally important to be able to relax and enjoy yourself with freedom.

7 ways to support your Sacral Chakra

So we've come to an understanding of the importance of temperance and discipline but maintaining a harmonious balance between freedom and responsibility is a lot easier said than done. Let's go over some specific exercises and practices that can help you!

  1. Try to include a daily practice of drinking and interacting with fresh clean water. Our Sacral energy relates to real life water and needs to be constantly refreshed. Consider you have a water bottle and refill it every day, you will always have a clean supply of water. But if you fill the bottle and leave it for a few weeks, the water can become contaminated and make you sick. 
  2. Wearing orange stones or jewelry. Here at Earths Elements we have a lovely assortment of crystal jewelry to choose from. Often when I notice I'm falling out of balance within my personal life I like to wear Goldstone and Carnelian both of which are amazing for creativity and going with the flow. Each stone contains a unique property of its own but we can figure out what chakra it aligns with by its color.
  3. Eating Orange colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, orange bell peppers, and tangerines can be a wonderful source of nutrients and a tool for refreshing the sacral chakra with new energy. It's important to remember that our diet can influence us mentally, physically and even spiritually.
  4. Listening to singing bowls, tuning forks, or binaural beats with the specific intention of creativity or musically that what you're listening to is in the key of D. All things are connected through vibration, even the energies within us resonate at different frequencies. I specifically recommend trying our Sacral Chakra singing bowls!
  5. A daily practice of yoga or some other form of physical exercise can be a wonderful tool for releasing stagnant energy and creating some discipline in our day to day lives. When i'm feeling uninspired and out of sorts i'll go to the gym for a short ab workout since sacral is located below the naval and usually have a long stretching routine after crow pose, triangle pose and forward bend pose about 15 minutes each.
  6. Svadhisthana is all about creativity and expression of emotion. An amazing exercise to help bring this energy into balance can be 15-30 minutes of practice on a creative project once every couple of days. This can range from painting, playing music all the way to reorganizing your house. As long as you're engaging in something you feel is expressive.
  7. You can also try meditations with specific visualizations, mudras (hand formations), and breathing techniques that stimulate Svadhisthana. If you want to try this now start by finding a comfortable sitting position on the floor. I want you to rest your arms on your legs and slowly connect your thumbs allowing your right hand to rest within the left one. take a slow big breath in through the nose till you feel the air fill your belly, then slowly yet firmly push the air out of the mouth. Repeat this three times letting each breath slowly fall away from your attention until it feels natural. With each breath in I want you to visualize the turbulent ocean of emotions within you slowly begin to calm until there is nothing but stillness. Throughout this exercise I want you to say the phrase “ I am in flow with the universe”.

How to balance your Chakras

Our Chakras are a reflection of the world around us and represent our innate connection with nature. Much like in nature the key to a healthy chakra is found in balance and moderation. Our energetic system in the body is all about flowing and stagnant energy and the dynamic between the two. Within our sacral chakra we can find many ways of it not operating in its full capacity. One such way is an excessive Sacral Chakra, or an over dependence on this energy center. Symptoms of a Sacral chakra that has been opened too much can often look like  mood swings, impulsivity, and codependency. When feelings and pleasure become the center and key focus for existence it can often make us do and say things that are out of line with our moral compass. We see this type of imbalance a lot within alcoholics and other types of substance abuse. Too much of anything can be bad for not just our body but for our mind and spirit as well. Try to be aware of when we are feeling overly sensitive/ reactive, melodramatic and drawn to conflict, anxious and aggressive behavior and a codependency on other people, places or things. The sacral is the seat of the soul and where we discover a lot about ourselves it's important to guide this part of ourselves alot like you would a small child. Showing them proper etiquette and creating structure so they can experience a good life full of freedom.

The other kind of misfiring of Svadhisthana we can experience is a blocked or underactive chakra. A blocked Chakra is one full of stagnant energy that blocks flow to the rest of your energetic system. It's common to experience issues within intimacy and liver health when the Sacral has been blocked. You may also feel low motivation, a lack of creativity, an intense sense of detachment/ numbness, insecurity and feeling like you're not being true to yourself. The sacral has two fundamental lessons of temperance and radical acceptance. When dealing with stagnant depressive energy it's important to reestablish a healthy routine of self care and to make sure you are leaving enough time for fun and play in your day to day life. When you are ready, speak these words into existence “ I am one with the ever shifting tides of the universe and I am not bound by the habits and mistakes of yesterday. I feel the limitless freedom as I walk the path of a spiritual being.” There is no one solution to growth and healing within the chakras. As Bruce Lee said “ Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Sincerely Robert S

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I hope this page found you well, please check out our store if you wish to further inquire or start your healing journey today!

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