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Spice Up Thanksgiving With Crystals and Feng Shui

Spice Up Thanksgiving With Crystals and Feng Shui

With the Holidays fast approaching many people scramble for gifts and decorations alike. A wonderful hustle and bustle of crowds trying to ensure their celebration checks all the boxes of excellence. Thanksgiving especially, a time of celebration, gratitude, of families coming together and of course delicious food! While it's impossible to please everyone, let's go over some fun ideas to get our energy aligned for this season.

What crystals align with Thanksgiving?

Crystals are an excellent way to set our intention and align with the energy we feel we need in the present moment. Here are five crystals this upcoming season for that.

  1. Citrine, a beautiful yellow quartz that ranges from nearly transparent to deep yellows and oranges. This stone contains the uplifting energy of the sun, said to create light hearted, warm and cozy energy excellent for energizing the spirit and preparing the mind for fun and playful connection.

  2. Sodalite, a subtle yet powerful stone. With splotches of white and blue blended together at a variety of tones, this stone is known as an energetic harmonizer capable of blending together both intuitive feelings with factual logical thinking .Truly an excellent tool for staying level headed yet open hearted in dealings and communication with those around you.

  3. Carnelian, known for its deep and vibrant colors of orange, red and white this agate is not only soothing and cool to the touch but also possesses some amazing healing properties! Said to restore vitality,  motivation, and even stimulate creativity, this crystal encourages positive life choices, dispels apathy and increases motivation for success!

  4. Obsidian, a glass created through volcanic activity and stained with the colors of ash has been a time honored companion with humanity used for tools and ornamental alike. In more modern times we use it for a spiritual practice called grounding. The energy supporting us through this crystal is  the clearing of ancient traumas, detoxification of the aura, encouragement of personal growth and to ease tension in the home.

  5. Fluorite, the mineral form of calcium fluoride forms in a gradient pattern ranging from green, white, purple, and sometimes even yellow. Known as the stone of balance, these crystals are believed to cleanse and purify the body, stabilizing the energy within us, increasing the ability to concentrate and therefore teaching us to understand and maintain healthy relationships.

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Feng Shui For a Happy Holiday

Feng Shui, also known as “the way of wind and water.” has roots in early Taoism but is still popular today in spirituality. Modern Mysticism has transformed this ideology into a practice of understanding and manipulating the flow of energy through a Home, Room, or building. Lets go over some practical Feng Shui to spice up your holidays.

  • Crystal Candles:  Here at Earths elements we supply and manufacture a collection of unique soy based candles decorated with crystals and organically infused scents to match an intention. For the Holidays I always love to have the pine candle burning in my house, the earthy yet refreshing scent of pine mixed with sandalwood always reminds me of good camping trips with my family and the energy of green aventurine sprinkled throughout helps facilitate heart centered personal growth and introspection. Another amazing candle we have is our Evil Eye theme. This magnolia and tuberose scented candle infused with shards of obsidian follows the tradition of the ward “Evil eye” and  is used as a protection talisman. This symbol is known for being gifted in the Greek and Turkish tradition and when combined with the grounding properties of obsidian makes a perfect spell for protection of family and unity.

  • Crystal Singing Bowls:  Made from 99.9% pure quartz these types of singing bowls are amazing tools for cleaning energetic blockages and setting an intention within a space. There are a large variety of sounds these bowls can be tuned to and just as wide on the intentions behind each and every sound. The most common theme you will find within the practice of sound healing is the seven chakras each relating to a following note on the scale (CDEFGAB). The Energy I like to focus on during the Holiday season is the Heart Chakra, aligned with the key of F. This vibration connects us with a deep sense of unconditional love, serenity, and gratitude of the present moment. There is no wrong choice of vibrations or frequencies to have in the home. Please check out our expansive collection in our store, with the purchase of every crystal bowl a rubber ring and mallet are included for easy use and cosmetic display.

  • Crystal Water Bottles: One of our most unique products these bottles made from glass and bamboo have two separate accessible chambers both of which are rubber sealed for water tight transport. The practice behind such a device follows a similar practice of setting intentions with crystals with what and how we wear them. The difference is that water absorbs energy and changes physical structure depending on the vibrations affecting it. The practice of infusing stones and minerals into water has followed humanity since ancient shamanism and pagan philosophies.  We use such water to help heal and align ourselves internally. One of my favorite designs is our Chakra Alignment bottle, containing a mixture of an assortment of stones one aligning with each of the seven chakras is a good tool for embracing the present moment and finding balance within ourselves.

Sincerely Robert S

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Are you interested and want to learn more? Check out our fantastic website full of wonderful products and helpful tips to make shopping for the gift giving season easy and full of wonderful intention.

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