Using singing bowls to raise your consciousness...

Using singing bowls to raise your consciousness...

Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic value. To understand how sound can improve your health you must first see yourself as a spirit (energy), with a Divine design and specific vibration. The body is an instrument and each energy center or chakra in the body represents a note (vibration) in the music scale. As the vibration from the sound of the singing bowl runs through your body, it is calibrating your chakras to run at their most optimal tone.

Have you ever heard an out of tune musical instrument being played? If so, you know how it feels to listen to, it feels out of resonance. The energy centers in our bodies are like musical instruments and we get out of tune very easily. The world is full of invitations for us to move out of alignment: the person that cuts you off in traffic, the passive aggressive co-worker, upsetting stories and images in the news, etc. Staying in tune is not an easy task. If a piano is out of balance, then a piano tuner is required to recalibrate the piano. A singing bowl is like a piano tuner for the human body and it is used to re-harmonize and re-calibrate our energy fields.

This is how a crystal bowl heals you: if your throat chakra is “out of balance” for example, it can manifest in the physical body as a sore throat, laryngitis, thyroid issues, mouth disease, tonsillitis, throat cancer, etc. In holistic medicine, singing bowls are widely used to recalibrate the chakras and balance the imbalances. We all have a divine blueprint or design and the sound of the bowl aligns us to our blueprints. Our blueprints infuse into the physiology of our human bodies through the nervous system. When our chakras are aligned, they assist our bodies in returning to their original perfection. We are talking about the quantum level of our being. Singing bowls are here to help you raise your consciousness and heal you.

At Earth’s Elements, we offer a wide range of Tibetan Musical instruments and crystal bowls for healing and wellness. Sound frequencies can be incredibly effective tools to uplift the energy in your body and clear out any negativity. Singing bowls help to release what no longer serves you in your life as well as assist in manifesting your intentions. When your energy field is aligned and in balance, it will be reflected in what you manifest. A singing bowl can offer you the experience of the whole universe opening up, and prepare your mind for meditation. Bring a little touch of enlightenment and peace to your living space. Come by the store anytime and let us assist you in picking the right singing bowl for you.


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